Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Woodlands Texas Wildflower Festival 2011

Development Company booth with butterfly nets

It is time to start planting wildflowers in Southeast Texas. Each year, we have the privilege to enjoy the Fall outdoors at this family event in The Woodlands, Texas. You never know who or what you will see here, but you do know that it will be enjoyable for all ages - the little tots to young teenagers and adults. It has three basic purposes - (1) an outdoor event for the Fall; (2) an opportunity for businesses and organizations to display their products and services; (3) encourage wildflowers in the community. Each year the Woodlands Development Company partners with other companies and residents to sponsor this and to plant wildflowers in The Woodlands.

I brought back about eight specifies of wildflowers to plant both in the garden and in a very sunny location in a nearby green area. Each package of seeds has the name of the company or organization who rented a tent booth and the name of the wildflower, with instructions for planting. One prominent booth was of the Township, to promote the new garbage pickup services which start February 1st, 2012. We will have a full sized garbage can for recyclables, like Austin Texas has, and we will no longer use plastic bags for plant refuse.  I am elated about these changes in garbage pickup. For plant material, we now will use either our own garbage cans or purchase recyclable bags made for leaves and twigs. Examples can be seen in the video. A complimentary bag was given to each household attending the festival.

Children walked away with butterfly nets and other little gadgets; adults walked away with a new garbage bag, brochures, business cards, and seeds among other items. Activities included face painting, with a long line of people waiting, juggling, various costumed characters, air machines,a petting zoo, horse rides, hula hoop contests, a wargame area, and a number of other activities for children. It was a great time for all, maybe a little warmer than we would have liked but not bad at all and certainly not what I would call HOT!

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