Friday, August 1, 2008

A trip aboard the Trolley

In the summer and winter, the Woodlands trolley system is a really good idea! After parking at the mall to go eat lunch today, I needed to take my first trip on a trolley to get to Market Street. I had parked a long way from where I was located and found the stop. Then I said to myself - "it would really be dumb for me to walk all the way to the car and then find a parking spot at Market Street and then walk a long way again. Of course I had the alternative to use Valet Parking, but I do not like other people driving and parking my truck. Guess what? The trolley was AIR CONDIITIONED!!!!!!! I felt really lucky. The trolley arrived within five minutes after my arrival at the Trolley Stop, and the bus driver was really nice. I gave him a business card for this blog, and presto, we talked all the way to Market Street. It was a pleasant drive. We went on the road behind the hotel along the waterway and behind the park. It was scenic and tranquil. Although I had to face the sun again when I exited the trolley, I felt plenty refreshed by the time I arrived at the restaurant in Market Street.

There were two trolleys operating, each heading in a different direction. Our driver said that normally it takes him 20 minutes to make the full trip, but sometimes he transports someone needing a lot of help on and off the trolley. That can add another 5 minutes. Our trip was quick with few passengers.

On the way back, the same driver and some kids with their mom were on the trolley. The children got to ring the bell on the trolley. I waited about 12 minutes this time out in the sun. The kids had a grand time. One thing you can do to ready yourself to be congratulated on your knowledge about our dear state, is to know what the state insect is. Our driver kept us all entertained with questions and facts along the trip back to the mall.

I do encourage residents and visitors alike to use this system. Tip the
driver for his added value. Mine was really good.

A couple of issues became apparent. It sure would be nice to sit under shade and have a fan or something to cool you off while waiting for the trolley. It would also be helpful if we knew how long we may need to wait. If I was working with a schedule, I might have gone and grabbed a drink at the local salon first, but then again, a cold lemonade would have really been the cat's meow at that particular point in this particular day!