Friday, September 24, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010 in The Woodlands Texas

South Montgomery County has a new annual German festival starting this year at Town Green Park. It starts today, Friday September 24 from 5PM until 9PM. Saturday: 12:00-9PM, Sunday: 12:00 - 9PM. There will be plenty of beer, dancing, live music and other festivities. This is sponsored by the Woodlands Rotary Club for their local student scholarship grants.
Town Green Park

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Walk down the Woodlands Texas Waterway

Water Taxi
Here in The Woodlands we are known for several things. Unfortunately or not, we now have an image of a commercial center stradling a canal built to mimic in some ways the San Antonio Riverwalk. It is done with a different style, but one with a tourist flavor. When taking a walk down the waterway, it has a unique look and feel. The Woodlands will in turn be mimicked by Sugarland soon, unless of course the economy is not good for them to do so. I have heard that they might pull out of their venture to keep their taxes low in these tough times -a very different approach than of those trusted with tax dollars here. This article is not to criticize that venture nor politics here. It is just the contrary. This is really to point out that we have something that can be enjoyed in the outdoors here. Taking a walk down the waterway can be enjoyable even for those who do not like paying taxes to build this commercial and tourist zone.

The waterway is actually a long linear park. Its paths are part of the pathway system of The Woodlands parks. This Mallard might as well be in one of the major parks. He enjoys his life right where people walk and run.

Early mornings are good for a run even in the summer here. The concrete is not shaded like most of our parks, so it gets very hot on the path in the heat of the summer, these ducks have families and are especially evident in the evening. Sitting out on an outdoor restaurant sitting area, you can watch them follow their mamas

Pleasing to the eye, the shoreline is filled with landscaping that presents itself as a garden park in the backyard of large buildings, over concrete and steel.

My walk on this day took me from the Marriott Hotel across to the southern side of the waterway. Then west under bridges, to the Koi Gardens and to the Riva Row Kayak rental. I did this without much effort during the lunch hour on a fairly hot day in August.

The architecture of these new buildings are pleasant as well. One thing that is apparent to me. It took hundreds of years for the giant Cypress trees along the San Antonio Riverwalk to mature. I don't recall a single Bald Cypress here along the waterway. We do have some Pine trees which grow and mature much much faster, but that does not seem to be the goal here either. Vegetation is more like what is planted in some place like Sugarland. Turning a prairie into a garden makes more sense to me than turning a forest into one. So to me it is apparent that we have a creation that doesn't belong here, but I do inject that it is a nice addition nevertheless - just is disregarding the ecological intent of the area. Gone are the days of placing homes and businesses in the forest. Now the strategy is more about displacing the forest with homes and businesses.

There is no denying that this walk was pleasant. Maybe you want to get out early some morning and run or walk along the waterway. You'll be glad you did! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Woodlands Trick or Treat Trail 2010

BBVA Compass has signed on as the anchor sponsor for the Trick or Treat Trail at Waterway Square on October 10, 2010.

The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau is introducing this new event as part of the Waterway Square Programming. This is the first year for this company to be the presenting sponsor of a Woodlands event.

“BBVA Compass is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor for the 2010 Trick or Treat Trail at Waterway Square. We look forward to seeing the community get involved and show off their Halloween Best at this year's event,” said Amos McDonald, Senior Vice President and District Retail Executive for BBVA Compass.

Trick or Treat Trail is scheduled for Sunday, October 10, 2010 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Waterway Square. This free event will have fun for the entire family and attendees are encouraged to dress in their Halloween best and “Trick or Treat” from booth to booth. This is an opportunity to have a safe Halloween for your children. There are other events such as that in Panther Creek to help bring Halloween in safely for our little goblins. 

Other Trick or Treat Trail sponsors at the event include Flaherty’s Flooring America, The Woodlands Development Company, Ace Parking, Munday Chevrolet, Kyle Sherburne – State Farm Insurance, University of Phoenix, Moon Water, and Berripop.

Free parking is available at the Waterway Square Parking Garage located between Fountain Plaza and Woodloch Court.

Located along Waterway Avenue, Waterway Square is a one-acre public plaza with unique water features and green spaces that serve as the “centerpiece” of The Woodlands Town Center.

Come experience the excitement of earth, wind and water in a synchronized choreography of motion and sound. For more information on the event and Waterway Square, visit or call 281-363-2447. Also, follow us on Facebook,