Sunday, October 11, 2009

At Market Street - Walk a Mile in Her Shoes!

Today we gathered at The Woodlands Market street in a symbolic walk in the shoes of the victims of battered women. Hosted by the Women's Center of Montgomery County, the Hogs of Cut and Shoot loaded up their Harleys and headed south to support this important cause. Although not a beautiful day for a daydream, the symbolic nature of this is certainly emphasized for all to see and enjoy. The dream of this day is when people stop being abused, and for some, the dream is just to have a normal peaceful life. People started gathering in the rain to see what was rumbling on the streets as the Hogs came to town.

After dismounting and joining the others already in the square, those participating in the walk put on some high heel shoes from the Women's Center and shirts provided by Verizon Wireless. Then everyone gathered behind the Women's Center banner and walked to demonstrate their support for those who walk such a difficult street as battered victims. In this symbolism is also the celebration of breaking away from being battered and walking the tough path back to normalcy. So this spirit is not so solemn, it is one of laughter and high spirit,  like the hope it incites for the future.  Although a dismal day, there was plenty of excitement as this third annual walk is always something to look forward to each year. It is also a significant activity for celebrating Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Montgomery County.

As one spectator contemplating buying a new home here said, "I am from out of state but I have heard of the town of Cut and Shoot". She also noted how she would like to live close by these type of activities.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

National Night out -2009 Northshore Park family event

Even though it was springling rain on arrival, there were automobiles lined up on Lake Woodlands for quite a way. In the park, I found plenty of people enjoying the displays of the crime fighting forces and emergency units we have locally. Vehicles of all sorts were on display, along with other equipment used for fighting crime, fire and response units for various emergencies.

Dignitaries present included House Representative Kevin Brady and Sheriff Guage, Mr Brady delivered the speech.

Firefighting and rescue vehicles lined the street in the park for families to see.

Young lady tries on some equipment used by the special forces.

 Young man does the same.

Young man takes a tour of the Homeland Security response vehicle.

Life Flight Helicopter tour

Painting contest for the children by association staff. Some interesting and innovative creations.

Demonstration of the K-9 unit. On attack.

On apprehension.

Children usually like to pet the horses and ask questions. They sometimes are surprised and frightened by the size of the animal. These mounted security personnel mostly work in the Town Center.

CISD police were there to explain their role and jurisdiction. They also provided the cook and BBQ grill for the hamburgers and hot dogs. This is CISD's "hot car".

A 500+ horsepower air boat. a serous crime fighting or rescue vehicle. 

No Garage sales allowed in The Woodlands? We have Flea Market instead!

Twice a year The Woodlands Texas has a "Flea market" where residents can rent a booth and sell their unneeded stuff. People outside of The Woodlands are also allowed to participate in selling their goods. This market is sponsored and run by residents of Panther Creek Village. Each year there is a new batch of volunteer recruits to add to those residents who enthusiastically volunteer their time to make the event successful. Success is determined by the customer, the shopper and the volunteers. All should go home happy after one of these events.

It all begins months before the event when the committee convenes and starts planning for the next event. By the time the event comes, new recruits are trained in preparation for their first job working among those seasoned dedicated volunteers who come year after year to socialize and put this amazing event into action. On the day of the sale, some folks get to the location at 2:30AM to set up! At 4:30AM volunteers arrive and get their job duties from the administrative team. Among those pictured is Rich Jakovac, feeling those heavy eyelids from getting up so darn early! Each village has a chief to coordinate the activities of the teams. The village chief may have responsibility for a floor in the parking garage. Team leads might have the responsibility for a ramp on the floor assigned to the village chief.

Larry Faith (right) is the master mind of the event. He has led this event for as along as I can remember.  He has a strong and energetic leadership team to help. Our community is thankful for his continuing efforts to help make The Woodlands a nice place to live.

At about 5:30 AM, shoppers have lined up outside, anticipating the bargains they will find when the "gates" are opened. Many have wagons or carts where they can store their discoveries after they have bought them. Some vendors will hold larger items for people who cannot carry them, especially furniture. Vendors will rent two parking spaces as one unit or four parking spaces as two units. Some families chip in together and rent one or two units as a group and have a "street sale" together. Typically one will find a car in one space and tables covered with good in the other parking spot. Sometimes, both parking spaces will be full of goods. The car can be parked elsewhere during the sale.

Interact students help unload the vendors cars or trucks. They will get credit hours for community work by their participation. They work hard and fast to help get the cars unloaded quickly and enable the automobiles to leave so that space is made available for other automobiles and vendors. One person asked, "how do I tip these kids?" One young lady answered, "we do this voluntarily. No tip is necessary."  The lady told me, "I love these kids. I got to know several on a first name basis." This is The Woodlands folks! We have many fine young people here.

Eventually, 7AM rolls around. 9,8,7,6,5,

.ZERO!!!!! Who let the dawgs out? As the wagons rumble on the concrete , some things are sold within the first 3 minutes! I saw a guitar and a night stand go right before my eyes, before I could put my camera away.

Compressors, cars, trucks, vans, furniture, telescopes, toys, .... there was everything for sale at very reasonable prices. 

Bicycles, tricycles, boats, jewelry, .....

How cool is this?! "I want this spider for Halloween! Look what it can do!!"

Clothes, sports equipment including racket ball rackets, tennis rackets, baseball gloves, golf clubs. Fishing equipment  - cane pole, spinning reel, fishing poles, ... on and on. It was all there.

Participate next time. Empty your garage here. Buy some cool stuff here. It is fun at both ends of the sale, as well as producing the event.