Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trash Cans in The Woodlands

You are most likely aware by now that we in The Woodlands Texas have a new contract with new services for trash and garbage curbside pickup. You are also aware that we have covenants where we promised to keep garbage cans out of sight except the night before our scheduled pickup until the evening of the pickup day. The issue is that some residents do not have a place to store the new cans away. Most residents have three garbage cans now. One for the garbage fill, one for recyclables and one for recycling yard materials (leaves, cuttings and tree branches). The community watchdogs for the covenants are the RDRC's (elected), overseen by the DSC (government appointed). Due to the storage issue, the DSC has decided to waive the watchdog reporting of trash cans until May 1, 2012. After that date, enforcement will commence once again.

Acceptable designs of screens is in the process of being defined. If residents install these shields to keep their cans out of public view, they need not apply for approval of the design. Otherwise, custom designed screens will require approval.    

Please wait to report trash can visibility issues until May, when the trash can reporting moratorium is lifted.

Houston Commute Resource

So you commute to Houston every day from The Woodlands! Maybe you want to have a link that shows the freeways  and major roads and the up-to-the-minute status of those roads, including the current traffic speed. You can even put it on your cell phone, but be safe in using it. The data is collected from various sorts and is intended to be current, so you can check before you go out the door whenever you are traveling to Houston.
 Current Houston Transit Road Conditions