Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Parade In The Woodlands - Images tell the story

If you have never desired to venture out in the heat to see the parade, you are invited to view the photographs from this year's parade. Otherwise, if you did not go, you should have been there. It was definitely scorching hot, but in the shade, it was at least tolerable. I was at the judges stand and want to say to that storekeeper who opened her doors for us to feel her air conditioning - THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Most of the time I was out in the sun taking these photographs and when I got a break, I would go to her door! Ahhhhhhh!

If you took your children there, you may find a photograph of one or more or yourself. Now that I am thinking about it, I don't remember seeing that 40 something guy with his balloons. OK guy, maybe I was a little rude in saying you looked a bit old for them, but I was only kidding .... I think. They sure were colorful and trying to give them to the kids just didn't work. I clicked that button on the camera.

The beautiful faces that I sought to put inside of that camera! There were many. I got a few as you will see when you go to the link at the end of all these words. This is America and our children know it! I like to go just to see them enjoy this holiday. It lifts my faith in the future of our nation. I hope you take your children out to it next year. You will enjoy it, as well as the kids. Some people come on their bicycles, some in their cars and a few on motorcycles. If you arrive early enough, there is plenty of nearby parking. Some folks enjoyed the shade on Lake Woodlands and others in Market Street. Take an umbrella, chairs and a blanket for the little ones and don't forget the water.

The sergeant traditionally leads the parade. He moves his motorcycle in figure 8's. I always get a kick out of his enthusiastic participation. There are another traditions I like, notably the fire department and their sirens, the high school bands, the patriotic music by the orchestra before the parade starts, the cleaning guys in tuxes, the limos, the antique cars, the Volkswagon Club ... you will see all of this in the photos.
This year had a special tribute to the soldiers about to leave for duty in the middle east and the emotional farewell of their loved ones in the VIP section. The parade stopped for quite a while for this activity. I enjoyed every second of it. Hats off to the organizers and countless hours of volunteers along the parade route and administratively who made this such an excellent event.
We had several special persons in the parade this year. There was a World War II veteran, several pageant winners and one very special pageant winner who we are all routing for - Bonnie Hubert preparing to compete in the Mrs International Pageant in just a few days.

Now comes the song and dance! Indian Springs Guy is pleased to announce that Indian Springs won the best float prize this year. Yep, we beat the other villages out this year. If I gloat too much longer, I think I will get a call from Sterling Ridge ... so enough be said, but let me slip in a photo of the winning float ... just in case yo have not seen the work of our friend and neighbor in Indian Springs - Mr. Richard Stromatt.
So what village will try to outclass Indian Springs in 2010? We shall see. Hometown challenge!

See many photos of the event at:
The Woodlands July 4th 2009 Parade

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Fire Department Service

Another service has been added to our fire department. This comes as a result of emergency planning, a training grant and a new truck called "Attack 101".

The Woodlands Fire Department recently purchased this new mini-pumper with funds provided by The Woodlands Township. It is equipped with economical apparatus to give firefighters about everything they need for almost any small emergency, all in one compact package. Whether answering a first response call or combating smaller incidents such as car fires, Attack 101 will be contributing to the safety and rescue of residents and visitors to The Woodlands.

“Attack 101 allows us to effectively handle emergency incidents in limited access areas, such as along The Woodlands Waterway,” said Fire Chief Alan B. Benson. “The new mini-pumper has put a great deal of capability and flexibility in our hands.”

Built on a Ford Super Duty F-550, Attack 101 has a certified 500-gpm pump, four-wheel drive and storage space for vital equipment including medical supplies. The custom designed mini-pumper was built with a special air ride suspension feature, enabling the vehicle to be lowered for entry into low-clearance areas such as parking garages, or raised to effectively clear rough terrain.

“Funding of the new Attack 101 was necessary for the urban growth we’re experiencing in The Woodlands,” said The Woodlands Township Chairman Nelda Blair. “We always have to be prepared in emergency situations and we’re very fortunate to have such a proactive fire department serving The Woodlands Township. This is a great example of why The Woodlands is such a special place for residents and businesses.”

Attack 101 will operate out of Central Fire Station, 9951 Grogan's Mill Road, serving the villages of Grogan’s Mill and Panther Creek and The Woodlands Town Center. For more information, please visit www.thewoodlandsassociations.org. The Woodlands Fire Department business line is 281.367.3444. For emergencies, please call 911.

Photo: Attack 101 is the newest addition to The Woodlands Fire Department. (Standing, l to r) Fire Chief Alan Benson, The Woodlands Township Chairman Nelda Blair, The Woodlands Association President Joel Deretchin and Deputy Chief Wayne Walker. (Kneeling l to r) Lt. Scott Windisch, Firefighter Josh Thomas and Captain David Parker.