Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Would it Take for You to Start Over?

A local agency is asking for groups, clubs, or businesses to sponsor a family fleeing violent homes. Their plight is serious. They need your support. Can you help?

"Most often the question people ask most about victims and issues of domestic violence is: 'Why don't they leave?' referring to the number of times a victim may go back to their battering environment," Donna Wick said, director of outreach and communication for the Women's Center. "The question really needs to be: How do they leave?"

The emergency shelter provided by the Montgomery County Women's Center provides emergency shelter, counseling support and case management for some who never thought they would be in a shelter environment. For those wanting to move beyond the pain of their past, there are many obstacles to overcome.

"When women come into our shelter, they are provided a basic program with resources to assist them in getting a job, childcare, a place to live and so much more," Jill Evans said, residential program manager for the agency. "But for many of these women, they are in dire need of the basic needs to just set up their home and family."

The Montgomery County Women's Center needs items for women that have made the life-changing decision to leave their batterer. They now need to set up their home and family. The needs are specific to "starting over" and beginning their life again, free from abuse.

Items needed

  • Full-size and twin-size mattresses and box springs,
  • Bed frames for full and twin beds, clock radios,
  • Blankets, pillows, mattress covers, sheets, towels, shower curtains with liners and rings,
  • Baking-ware (cake pans/cookie sheets), hand mixers, mixing bowls, pot holders, toasters, coffee pots,dish sets for 4 and 8, flatware, dish towel sets, and drinking glasses.

"We know the list of needs is extensive, but we are counting on the generous spirit of local community organizations and area businesses that could take this on as an internal project to set up just one family coming out of shelter to live a life free from abuse and suffering," Wick said. "Inch-by-inch it's a cinch and if groups gather together then we can accommodate these survivors and turn them into "thrivers". As a community, as an organization, or as a civic club - you can make a dramatic difference in a family's life needs to live in a safe, secure, and violence-free home. We here at the center are hoping to rally groups together so that these families can 'help them help themselves'."

The agency does ask that any donated item be in like-new condition and the agency cannot take items that are ripped, torn, stained, or broken. For more information or to coordinate your assisting gift for a family in true need, call Donna Wick at (281) 292-4155 ext. 228.

The MCWC serves victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through crisis intervention, counseling, emergency shelter, support services and legal advocacy. All services are offered free of charge. The 24-hour crisis hotline is (936) 441-7273.